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Financial Planning Services

In today's uncertain economy, financial planning has become increasingly important.  With an overwhelming number of options for saving and investing, managing your finances can be difficult. Creating a financial plan helps you see the big picture and set long and short-term life goals, a crucial step in mapping out your financial future.  When you have a strategy and a financial plan, it's easier to make financial decisions and stay on track to meet your goals.  Working with a CFP® professional can secure your financial wellbeing, give you peace of mind and help you reach your financial goals.

We offer comprehensive, holistic financial planning as well as hourly, as needed assistance.  We sit down and talk to you to learn about all aspects of your life, including family dynamics, the birth of a child, death of a loved one, changes in real estate, college plans and charitable giving.  By understanding what matters to you, we can better help you achieve your goals.

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Services That Futurity Capital Offers:

You may want to seek help from a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ if you:
•    Want to better manage your finances, but are not sure where to start
•    Do not have time to do your own financial planning
•    Want a professional opinion about the plan you have developed
•    Do not have sufficient expertise in certain areas such as investments, insurance, taxes or retirement planning
•    Have an immediate need or unexpected life event

Although many people understand that they should begin financial planning earlier so they can support themselves later in life, a recent survey by the Consumer Federation of America and the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards revealed that less than one-third of the nation’s families said they have a comprehensive financial plan.  Approximately 50% of parents have no financial plan of any sort in place and that nearly 20% of parents created a plan only after having children.

The benefits of using a CFP® professional –

A financial planner helps you:
•    Set realistic financial and personal goals.
•    Assess your current financial health by examining your assets, liabilities, income, insurance, taxes, investments and estate plan.
•    Develop a realistic, comprehensive plan to meet your financial goals by addressing financial weaknesses and building on financial strengths.
•    Put your plan into action and monitor its progress.
•    Stay on track to meet changing goals, personal circumstances, life stages and tax laws.

A financial planner is a trusted ally:
The choices you make now about your money and your future likely will impact you and your family for many years to come.  Most often, those decisions are best made with objective, expert input from a professional financial planner.  A financial planner can help you simplify and organize your life.  After listening to you, she will analyze your current situation and create a plan to help you reach your goals.

When choosing a planner, look for one with the CFP® designation.  When asked about other professional designations that one sees bandied about these days, Paul Auslander, 2012 Financial Planning Association (FPA) president, reiterated that, the "FPA is coalescing around one designation for the financial planning profession. From our standpoint, the CFP® designation is THE standard because it has the rigor of enforcement, continuing education requirements, ethics, experience - and, as importantly, consumer confidence."

These items may be needed, should you engage our financial planning services:

Prior Years Tax Returns (2 yrs)                  Paycheck Stubs
Brokerage Account Statements                  Mortgage Statements
Trust Account Statements                         Employee Benefits List
Retirement Plan Account Statements         Legal Documents (Wills, Trusts, PoAs)
Loan Documents                                       Insurance Policies
Credit Card Balances                                
Stock Option Information

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